Monday, October 6, 2008

MLB Postseason Recap

Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Rays who have now won their first ever playoff series and are headed to the ALCS.

Here is a recap of all the action from tonight:

Tampa Bay Rays 6 Chicago White Sox 2: Nobody was messing with B.J. Upton tonight, as he knocked out two momentum setting home runs off of Gavin Floyd. B.J. Upton had somewhat of a disappointing season, but make no mistake about it, he is a special talent and possibly a future Hall of Famer and he showed why tonight. The Rays beat the White Sox in impressive fashion and have as good of chance as any to make the World Series in the AL. They shut down the White Sox lineup for the most part. Andy Sonnanstine did a great job in this game, pitching 5 2/3 innings and giving up just two runs, then he handed it over to the Rays extremely underrated bullpen, who proceeded to shut down the White Sox.

Put On Notice: The Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox 3 Los Angeles Angels 2: I can't believe what a stupid play the Angels made in the 9th inning with a man on third and 1 out. Why in the hell would you try a suicide squeeze play in that situation? There was no need for that play and might have be the stupidest play I've ever seen in my life. The Angels just cost themselves that game and a chance to win the series. In a way I'm not surprised, because the Angels played like crap this whole series. They didn't hit in the clutch and they played horrible defense. The squeeze attempt was just the icing on the cake. I honestly believe the Red Sox should have wiped the floor with the Angels the way they played this whole series, but the Angels still had a shot to win this thing, which tells me the Red Sox need to pick it up for their series against the Rays. The Rays are a great defensive team and much better at hitting in the clutch. They may even have a better bullpen then the Angels right now, and they certainly have better starting pitching. I think the Rays have a great chance to beat the Red Sox. It will be interesting to see who the Game 1 starter is for Boston. I believe that series starts on Friday, which would only be 3 days rest for Lester. I would think that they would not want to bring him back on short rest and would go with Josh Beckett over Dice-K to start Game 1 of the ALCS.

Put On Notice: Josh Beckett

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