Tuesday, October 7, 2008

NFL Picks - Week 5 Standings

Joe from What's The 401?!?! went 6-6-2 ATS this week to beat me (as usual) and Ed from Ed The Sports Fan. For all my faithful readers out there, I promise to do better this week!

Here is a look at the Week 6 spreads and who I would pick as of right now:
I actually think this spreads are pretty good this week. Good in the sense that I don't think anyone is favored by too many or too little points. Minnesota being a 13.5 point favorite over anyone seems crazy but Detroit is really that bad right now. I think the toughest spreads to pick are always the games with teams coming off of a bye week. Last week, Oakland, St. Louis, NY Jets, and Cleveland were off. Who knows how Oakland will play this week coming off of a bye and having their coach fired. Cleveland is another team that will be hard to figure out playing at home against the Giants and coming off a bye. I like the Patriots to cover the 6 point spread against the Chargers, who are just not that good of a football team right now.

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