Sunday, October 19, 2008

Verse of The Week

The Verse of The Week is a tie between Styles P and Cassidy for their verses on their "Make It Out" joint from the DJ Green Lantern & Russell Simmons mixtape for Barack Obama. Both MC's spit hot verses and I couldn't decide which one I liked more, so the whole song is going to be my Verse of The Week.

Verse of The Week

We just tryin' to make it out, that's a fact
The soldiers need to make it out, that's Iraq
Got me thinking to myself, why ain't the war over?
Why middle class families in foreclosure?
It just don't make sense,
trade a dollar for a Euro and you only get cents
Got to struggle every bit of the way,
explains why the country so bitter today
Even the block know we need Barack
Put my liquor down, even threw the weed in my sock
If the land can be reached through speech,
then the man givin' the speech ought to lead all the peeps
At first I lost hope, now I'm given hope
A President my color, that'll be living hope
No shame bro, no game bro
Vote for Barack Obama, we need a little change bro
(Styles P, Make It Out, Verse 1)

It don't look good in my neighborhood, it's a lot of violence, a lot of drama,
'cause some people bank accounts ain't never have a comma
I'm not a preacher, I'm not a teacher, I'm not your father
I'm not Bush, I'm not Clinton, I'm not Obama
I'm not Al Queda, I'm not Saddam, I'm not Osama
We used to be slaves and they keep tryin' to remind us
I could make Alaska feel like Rwanda
I'm hot enough to make the studio feel like a sauna
I'ma keep it real, they just hoping to stop us
Don't let them Khan you like Chaka, vote for Barack-a
The country sick and he the only thing close to a doctor
The government is see through, like most of the vodkas
The politicians is wicked, most of 'em mobsters,
acting like they good guys, but they mostly impostors
They ain't supposed to get elected, they supposed to get Oscars
Don't let them Khan you like Chaka, vote for Barack-a
(Cassidy, Make It Out, Verse 2)

Audio: Make It Out - Styles P & Cassidy

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