Sunday, December 7, 2008

Verse of The Week

This might be the first track ever where an MC mercs himself on his own track. Jigga's second verse on "Brooklyn (We Go Hard)" just blows the first verse out of the water. Verse of The Week honors were easy for me to hand out this week. By the way..."I jack, I rob, I sin/Aw man I'm Jackie Robinson"...just another reason you can't fuck with Hov.

Verse of The Week

I father, I Brooklyn Dodger them
I jack, I rob, I sin
Aw man, I'm Jackie Robinson,
'cept when I run base, I dodge the pen
Lucky me, luckily they didn't get me
Now when I bring the Nets, I'm the black Branch Rickey
From Brooklyn corners, burnin' branches of sticky,
spread love, Biggie, Brookyln hippy
I pity the fool with jewels like Mr. T,
with no history in my borough,
they borrow, with no intentions of returning tomorrow
The sun don't come out for many, like Annie
Half orphan, momma never had an abortion
poppa sorta did, still I managed to live
I go hard, I owe it all to the crib
Now please tell me, what the fucks harder than this?
(Jay-Z, Brooklyn(We Go Hard), Verse 2)

Audio: Brooklyn (We Go Hard) - Jay-Z feat Santogold

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