Sunday, March 13, 2011

2011 NCAA Tournament: Top 68 Teams - Who Got Snubbed?

I put together a list of the Top 68 teams according to Overall Efficiency, including the teams that received automatic bids. I figured this would be a good way to tell who got snubbed once they announce the brackets:

Top 68 Teams by Efficiency Rank (auto-bid teams in bold):

Teams in Red above are the teams that I have designated as Bubble Teams. Also, below are the rest of the Bubble Teams that do not rank as the top at-large teams based on Overall Efficiency:

Of the Top 68 teams in Overall Efficiency; Maryland, New Mexico, USC, St. Mary's, & Nebraska, seem to be in the most danger of being left out.

Of the teams not ranked as the top at-large teams based on Overall Efficiency; Alabama, UCLA, Tennessee, UAB, & Georgia probably have the best shots to make the NCAA Tournament. However, if any of these teams got left out it would not be a huge snub.

Also, Dayton could steal a bid if they win the A-10 tourney and could even bump Richmond according to this analysis.

The teams with the highest Overall Efficiency that look like they could possibly get snubbed are Illinois, Clemson, Virginia Tech, & Maryland. These teams would all clearly be in if you based everything on Overall Efficiency.

I think Maryland will be left out for sure and will probably be the biggest snub. However, they had plenty of chances to prove that they were a better team than their record.

Once the brackets are announced, I'll take a look to see which teams have the biggest beef about getting snubbed.


- The following teams were not ranked among the top teams in efficiency and made it in to the NCAA Tournament: UCLA (53), Tennessee (55), UAB (56), Georgia (57), & Virginia Commonwealth (84)

- The followings teams were ranked among the top teams in efficiency and did not make it into the NCAA Tournament: Virginia Tech (30), Maryland (36), New Mexico (43), St. Mary's (47), & Nebraska (48)

I'm not surprised Maryland, New Mexico, St. Mary's, & Nebraska didn't get in, but I think Virgina Tech did get snubbed this year since they were 30th in Overall Efficiency. Kind of surprised UAB & VCU got in over Virginia Tech.

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